Welcome to my portfolio site.

Here’s some info about me that you won't find on my resume. 

   I was born and raised in San Juan, PR where I grew up being influenced by an interesting mash up of music, aesthetics and culture. Some of them including: American Top 40 hits, 80’s-90's puertorican salsa, Latin American Indie pop, Vogue Magazine, MTV, VH1, Telenovelas, TGIF, the beach and the mountains. My family encouraged my creative pursuits from a young age which had me move to New York City when I was 18 to pursue Fashion Design at Pratt Institute.

   After graduating school, I stayed to work in the city at various companies such as Sean John, Zoo York, and Married to the MOB. After a little over a decade in New York; I moved down to Baltimore, MD to pursue a position at Under Armour where I worked for a little over six and a half years.

   Currently, I am a small business owner and have been able to pursue my passion for vintage goods and clothing as a sustainable lifestyle; as well as being able to highlight puertorican designers and collaborate with creatives I have met along the way. 

   On this site you will find visuals and stories that comprise my work as well as current projects.